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Whole Cacao Fruit Chocolate

Chocolate, especially the dark stuff, can be good for you. Packed full of antioxidants and minerals it can improve brain power and reduce the risk of heart disease. Cacao nibs, the crushed raw cacao beans before any processing, are even better for you, full of magnesium and fibre, they can aid digestion, sleep, moods and have anti-inflammatory properties.

The cacao fruit is amazing but unfortunately the farming of it not so great, with lots of poverty, inequalities and waste. Traditionally only the beans are used, yet for every 1 tonne of beans there are 10 tonnes of the outer pods discarded, and the pulp goes to waste. However, with sustainable practices becoming more mainstream and food waste a big issue, they have discovered a way to use the pulp and actually make the chocolate healthier too as there is no need to add sugar. We did try pulp juice in a chocolate tasting session @cocoaworks in York the other year and it was super sweet, my then 5yr old loved it!

Well, I found a bar in Waitrose this week 'Whole Fruit Chocolate'. Described as 100% pure cacao fruit, vibrant and fruity with a bright citrus taste - I had to try it. Cheekily packaged as a standard size big bar (90/100g) but actually only with 45g in it, it isn't cheap, but is a massive step forward in terms of targeting waste and sustainability in the cacao industry.

I didn't get citrus in the taste, more blackcurrants and raisins and a real depth of cacao and so smooth, it's definitely good and you feel like you've had a real chocolate hit after only 2 squares (or maybe 3 to tidy the row up!)

I'm looking forward to finding more of these bars to taste and share.

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