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Tasting Chocolate - some of the best places

It's no secret I love chocolate, so if there's a chocolate tasting on offer I will give it a go or even detour on the way somewhere else to check it out. As Summer holidays are coming and you may be travelling to other places I thought I'd share the best ones with you so you can check them out too.

York is synonymous with chocolate as the birthplace of Terry's and Rowntree's but there is a newer kid on the block @Yorkcocoaworks in the heart of York which runs tastings, workshops and a cafe with hot chocolates and indulgent chocolatey bites. Their chocolate tasting journey sessions are small and informal, they take you through the chocolate making process and as well as different single estate chocolates you also get to taste the juice of the cacao beans pulp - a super sweet juice as mentioned in my Whole Cacao Fruit blog. You can even get bags of ground cacao shells to put on your garden a bit like you can with old coffee granules - your garden loves them and it helps to save waste. The staff our passionate and very informative and the chocolates are fab.

If you happen to be in or near Edinburgh then @TheChocolatarium is definitely worth a visit.

Down a side street just off the Royal Mile they take you through the history of chocolate and into a creation room to create your own bar and then a tasting room, with more than 40 chocolates that you can taste. Again the staff were lovely and full of passion and knowledge, a morning very well spent. Apparently you have to hold your nose to really taste the chocolate and discover all the individual flavours!

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