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A cold and wet few months

January and February Farmer's Markets have been pretty cold and very wet. Thanks to everyone who still ventured out, it can be a hard slog in the wind and rain looking out at the empty stalls of those away on a sunny holiday or at home in the warm, so friendly, smiley faces really make a difference - Thank-you!

January was a month for resolutions, diets and being good so I reflected that in the bakes on offer with Avocado Brownies (half the butter), Pumpkin Seed & Turmeric Hedgehog and Butternut Squash Bread (no butter), but back to 'full fat' options for February, with love in the air, including Ruby Brownies, using the newly crafted pink coloured Ruby Chocolate and Chilli Choc Hedgehog with a hint of heat.

Looking forward to the next one and fingers crossed for some better weather for it!

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