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Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby....

Happy Valentines Day - with January out of the way, it's the perfect time to get back to enjoying chocolate and I've just discovered a new one. Ruby chocolate has been created by the world's leading manufacturer of cocoa and cocoa products, after 13 years of crafting it's been launched as the 4th chocolate, after Milk, Dark and White. Ruby chocolate comes from a ruby cocoa pod so no colours are added for its distinctive pinky colour and no flavourings either, it naturally has a fruity and creamy taste to it.

Kit Kat were one of the first to use it, launching a Ruby version in Japan last year and now it is becoming more widely available. I made Brownies with it to test it out and although they lost some of the pinkiness when baked they did have a great creamy taste to them. Next test is a hot chocolate, imagine drinking amazingly pink hot chocolate....I know who'll be a fan of that - yum!

Here's more from the maker of it ...

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