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Dry January, Veganuary mine's a Chocanuary!

Don't turn your back on chocolate post Christmas. It's powerful stuff and even the smell of it can help ward off colds apparently. So in January, when its super chilly, coughs and colds are doing the rounds and flu is set to become an epidemic if trends continue, reach for a bar of dark chocolate (sorry milk and white won't work). It's claimed that just the smell of chocolate can ward off a cold as the anti-oxidants get absorbed into your brain and help boost your immune system. and sucking on chocolate may be more effective than a throat lozenge for tickly coughs according to research by The British Thoracic Society. Read more here

Also don't forget that chocolate can make you happy too as it releases endorphins which boost your mood and if you stick with the dark stuff and eat just a little it can help you feel fuller and stop you craving for junk. Dark Chocolate is perfect for January. With Christmas over and everyone eager for Spring to arrive apparently January 15th is the most depressing day of the year and dubbed 'Blue Monday', perhaps we can call it Dark Chocolate Day instead and get everyone smiling again.

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