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Spring brings new hope and new chocolates

Blossoms appearing, daffodils in bloom, vaccination numbers building, all these bring hope of rebirth and brighter things to come. There are also loads of new chocolates appearing that are worth looking out for....Starting with Easter goodies Percy Pig has been given some sprinkle shorts and looks super smiley made of fruity flavoured chocolate and M&S also have an aubergine 'Egg' dairy free and Vegan! The staple for Easter, the Mini Egg has had a makeover and is available in an Egg, so not just a bag of mini eggs in a hollow chocolate egg but bits of mini eggs in the shell of the egg itself, (only in Tesco though). This follows on from the launch of the Mini Egg Bar of chocolate which is now in all supermarkets, I still think you can't beat original mini eggs but taste them and see what you think. If you're a fan of orange then look out for Orange Smartie Mini Eggs or Terry's White Chocolate Orange eggs both new this year in mini bags. So much to look for.....enjoy searching and discovering new flavours.

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