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Hot Choc - the new 'coffee' craze.

You may have already had a 'Knoops' Hot Choc Cafe pop up near you, but if not you may do soon as they are planning to open 300 stores in the UK in the next 4 years and to number 3000 internationally by 2030. That's quite an expansion plan.

The cafe experience is great, a wall of chocolate options to choose from based on the % of cocoa, from white up to 100%. Not quite as cheap as a coffee; ranging from a small cup at £3.75 up to £6.95 for a regular size single origin option, but super tasty and much more of a hug in a mug than you get with coffee.

If trying to save a few pennies though, there is now another Hot Choc at home option. Just like the Velvetiser (by Hotel Chocolat), which creates velvety, yummy hot chocolates, Dualit have now released their version called The Cocoatiser' which promises to deliver delicious hot chocolates, mochas and milkshakes at a more reasonable price of £69.99. With cocoa prices rocketing this year already, due to climate change causing crop disease and leading to reduced supply, it feels like a good time to invest in hot chocolate at home before prices inevitably rise again.

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