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New discoveries in lock-down

We are slowly emerging from full on lock-down but it will be a while before things go back to how they were, if they ever do. Some things may have changed forever. Hopefully the solidarity of neighbours and strangers will continue and the support for small and local businesses will remain, helping them survive for now and possibly even thrive in the future as we are reminded of the great things available on our doorstep. We've made 2 great chocolate discoveries, the first one is a company that usually provide the chocolate for desserts in top-end restaurants but are needing to find new customers with the closure of restaurants and hotels. Original Beans is based in the Netherlands and sources rare cacoa beans to make amazing chocolate, whilst also conserving the rainforests - planting a tree for every bar sold. The chocolate is gorgeous, Esmereldas Milk was our favourite, but shipping is not cheap, club together with some friends to get over the free delivery spend of Euros 60 and it will be worth it.

Our second discovery was closer to home, based in Lincolnshire. Firetree Chocolates creates rich volcanic chocolate (yep that intrigued me too) and offers virtual tasting sessions. Purchase a tasting pack online and they send tasting sheets and a zoom link for you to join the Co Founder and Chief Chocolate Maker as he talks you through the tastes and flavours of the different bars in front of you. He's very passionate about his product and it tastes pretty good too.

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