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Hot Choc Hamper - best present of 2017

This was the best present this Christmas. Completely unexpected but completely me - it's perfect. A whole load of different Hot Chocolates to try out and some chocolate truffles in there too. You can never have too much chocolate! I've still got lots of them to break into but we've tried a few already. The dark chocolate stirrer from Struben ( a South African Chocolate company) was pretty good, but their caramel and chocolate one was way too sweet. The Spanish one states 'Thick Hot Chocolate' so I'm imagining a cup full of custard like chocolate that is best eaten with a spoon. There's also Winter Spice Hot Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat, Gnaw Hot Choc Shots, a 70% dark from Chateau Rouge which promises pure unadulterated drinking chocolate and a single origin dark from Artisan du Chocolat with the recommendation on pack to take once a day! How many hot chocolates can you drink in one day? I'm going

to savour the taste of each one in my discovery to find the best and ultimate Hot Chocolate. Hot Chocolate for breakfast? Yeah, I'm sure that's allowed......

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