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Chocolate and Beer

I love a good Porter and it's even better when accompanied by a Chocolate Brownie, but I'm not the first to realise that beer and chocolate are a great combo. Cadbury's released a limited edition Creme Egg Beer with American craft beer brand Goose Island this year to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Creme Egg. They sold out within hours, but there is another Chocolate and beer combo on the way......This time it's a White Chocolate and Raspberry Milkshake IPA from Tony's Chocolonely and BrewDog.

I'm not always a white chocolate fan but a raspberry milkshake IPA sounds interesting so definitely worth trying to get hold of this one. I love Tony's Chocolonely, the uneven shaped segments are great, the chocolate is super-tasty and they are on a mission to make slave-free chocolate the norm, through empowering cocoa farmers and communities and inspiring others to do the same. Read more about their mission here and if you haven't tried their chocolate yet, pick up a bar when you see one and give it a go.

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