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Ruby chocolate gains momentum

I can't be the only one who starts humming the Kaiser Chiefs everytime I hear the word ruby, but it does put a smile on my face and so does this chocolate. I baked ruby Brownies in February last year and they were great, quite a different flavour to milk and dark chocolate, almost a tangy, fruity taste. Well this year it is even easier to get your hands on this chocolate and in many different forms, hot, cold and simply as chocolate. For hot check out Costa's Ruby Hot Chocolate, although they have added extra berry flavour. For cold wait for Ruby Magnum Minis which should be widely available from March and for simply chocolate Ruby Kit Kats were the first bar launched in 2018 and Limited Edition Ruby Baci (the yummy Italian 'kisses' with the nut in the middle) last year and this year Nestle are bringing us Ruby Chocolate with Raspberries in their L'Atelier range for Valentines Day which can be found in Sainsburys, also try Holland & Barrett Ruby Choc covered hazelnuts and Bahlsen may bring back their Ruby Choco Leibniz. I'm sure there will be loads more ruby options appearing throughout the year so grab one that takes your fancy and check out the new taste of the chocolate world.

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