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Ruby Chocolate, Posh Nutella and Herbs

Look out for these new trends in chocolate this year. Ruby Chocolate (see image) has been created by master chocolatiers Callebaut, pink in flavour, all natural and tasting a bit berry-like. Japan have already launched a Ruby Kit Kat and other new bars are expected to appear through the year. Herb and chocolate combinations are also becoming popular with Chocolatiers and Chefs so look out for Thyme, Lavender and Rosemary in chocolate desserts, I've got a recipe for Chocolate and Bay Leaf Tarts which I'm trying out on family over Easter. Also Nutella is going from strength to strength and more and more cafes and restaurants are turning to the original Italian Gianduja chocolate and hazelnut spread to use in desserts and cakes - yum!

For the full article on the 7 trends read here

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