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I've dreamed of creating a chocolate shop since I can remember, not  to be the next Master Chocolatier and sell solid chocolate or intricate  individual chocolates and truffles but to bake with chocolate.  The tastiest Fudgiest Chocolate Brownies, amazing Chocolate Tiffin (known in our family as Hedgehog - although not ever sure why?!), Banana Cake with chocolate chunks, Fig and Date Chocolate balls and much more.  An array of cakes and biscuits that all contain an element of chocolate  inside or on top or even both! Chocolate might not be everyone's thing but it is definitely mine and I'm so excited to be making my dream a reality.

The plan is to set up at local Farmers Markets and share my chocolate creations with you.  I can now be found at St Albans Farmer's Market on the second Sunday of every month.

Latest News:  So excited to have been awarded a Great Taste Award for my Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies in the 2018 Taste Awards....see my blog to find out more



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Discover the chocolate within

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If you'd like to cater for an event, have a group of friends round for the evening or simply deserve something chocolatey this week then why not get in touch

Semi Naked Cakes and Chocolate Castles for birthday parties, christenings or other occasions are also available to order.

Fig & Date Hedgehog

Banana & Choc Loaf

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies

The Beans & the Bake


I've been baking with chocolate for years and experimented with many different ones.   I've now  found my favourite - an organic milk chocolate with about 40% cocoa solids, and a 70% dark - they're great for baking, melting and simply nibbling.  For me, it's important that the chocolate tastes great on its own so it can then enhance the bake.

The quality of the cocoa is just as important and my favourite is fairtrade and organic and definitely no sugar added.

I care about all the ingredients I use. I buy British where possible and always use Free Range Eggs. 

Fig & Pecan Tiffin


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If you'd like to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you . 

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hands aren't chocolatey! Thanks

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